About Us


We know that having an Oriental rug is so much more than just having a piece of fabric that you put on the floor. It represents a part of your personality, a proclamation of your taste, and a centerpiece that really ties any room together. There are few people that understand how important rugs are, which is why we made our company. We are made up of rug enthusiasts, so we know exactly what people want and how they want their rug cleaned.

There comes a time when a rug needs to be cleaned or repaired no matter how much wear and tear it has seen. This, of course is a delicate process, which is why we use the latest in steam cleaning technology to clean the rugs with relative ease. We also have an in house team of repair experts that can patch up your rug should it get damaged in any way.

Our customers know

That when it comes to rug cleaning and repair, you want someone that collects rugs themselves. So many times people have come in with specific instructions on how to clean the rug, and we simply just have to smile and ensure them that we get it. That is because we have all been there and know exactly what people want when it comes to their precious rug. That is what makes us different and what we hope will draw you to our brand of rug cleaning and customer service.