Expert Carpet Cleaning and Rug Repair


Carpet cleaning is something that everyone thinks they understand, but they might not know the inner workings of. I mean how hard can it be to clean a carpet? The answer is very. Understanding that cleaning a carpet means a lot more than just running a machine over it is why we have become the largest carpet cleaning company in the area and continue to grow as the days go on. Part of what makes us special is that not only do we deal with conventional carpets, but delicate carpets and rugs as well such as Oriental rugs.

There is a certain level of expertise that goes into cleaning certain types of rugs, which is why we use special equipment and a talented staff to do so. For more than 20 years we have been perfected our art and believe that we have something truly special here. In order to service our customers, we use the latest in community research and have built an online community that is full of useful information.

Doing it on your own

Let’s face it, carpet cleaning is expensive and not everyone has the money to pay for such services. We help circumvent this by being the lowest prices in town, but also through sharing our knowledge with our customers. By taking advantage of our online community and what it has to offer, you can become better at cleaning your own rug, so that you may not need our services as often.

Of course should you ever need us, we will be waiting for your call and ready to service you to the best of our abilities. It is this combination of knowledge and expertise that has made us the best in the area and has made our customers trust our work and the advice that we have to offer.