Local Rug Repair and Moving Services Texas


Rug repair is something that we have had a passion for for more than 20 years. Since we started the company, it has been our pleasure to service the area with the utmost of professionalism and the latest in high tech equipment. In order to better serve our customers, we understand that we must adhere to a higher level of service and understand the different aspects of rug ownership. By this we mean that it is difficult for someone who is not a rug enthusiast to clean the rug of someone who is.

many companies have the same level of equipment that we do, but the difference is that we have a level of expertise that not many companies do. We have been collecting rugs, and for that matter, rug enthusiasts for the time that we have been open, making us the best authority in the area in the arena of rug repair and rug cleaning. Equipment does make a difference, but it is not the only thing that goes into giving a rug a nice smooth clean.

A clean cleaning business

There is something about the way we do business that we find very satisfying. We are a local company that is made up of local rug enthusiasts, which we are very proud of. Because we are a local company, we hire locally and treat our employees not only with respect, but give them the skills needed to compete in a competitive market making us the best local moving companiesThere is a reason we have become the largest supplier in Texas and why our customers love us so much.

So come join our collective of rug enthusiasts that are dedicated to getting the job done right. We can ensure that you will get your rug back in better condition than what you gave it to us in and that our prices are the lowest in the area.